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Itís true! The mere act of making our luscious almond butter releases the natural oils inside each nut, intensifying its sweet, fresh flavor. Spread it, dip it, cook or bake with itóour Fresh Almond Butter takes any snack to the next level.
Roasted Crunchy Almond Butter (1 Pound Jar)
7 Reviews
Organic Lightly Toasted Creamy Almond Butter (1 Pound Jar)
4 Reviews
Lightly Toasted Crunchy Organic Almond Butter (1 Pound Jar)
12 Reviews
Donít you deserve a win-win? Well, thatís exactly what you get with Almond Butter from NutsinBulk. Seldom will you find a food, especially one that could be considered a snack item, that is both good to eat and good for you. But make no mistake about it, our all-natural Fresh Almond Butter fits both categories perfectly. We start with plump, fresh roasted California almonds, pureed to a smooth paste, then add just a touch of fresh peanut oil to create that ideal spreadable consistency. A pinch of salt (only if you want itóour Unsalted Almond Butter is equally delicious), and voila: decadence in a tub!

But we havenít forgotten our whole-foods enthusiasts. For ultimate nutrition and flavor, our Raw Almond Butter is made just for you, with just one ingredient: the finest fresh raw almonds. You get all the wholesome goodness, plus that just-right natural sweetness that makes our Almond Butter such a great alternative to traditional spreads. And if you crave even more sweet sensations, be sure to try our delicious Honey Roasted Almond Butter, featuring a rich combination of roasted almonds and real honey, or our incredible Chocolate Almond Butter loaded with your choice of awesome dark chocolate or exotic white chocolate. Thereís just no holding back when you dip into one of our signature Almond Butters!

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