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Mmmmm…Get ready to bake your most decadent show stoppers ever, with delicious, easy-to-keep-and-use Almond Paste from NutsinBulk. So incredibly rich and flavorful—you (and yours) will love every sensational creation!
American Almond Almond Paste (10 oz Can)
5 Reviews
American Almond Almond Paste (7 Pound Can)
27 Reviews
Almond Marzipan (11 oz Can)
1 Review
American Almond Almond Marzipan (8 Pound Can)
9 Reviews
Baking day is always special, but crafting your favorite goodies with our delectable Almond Paste makes it an occasion to remember! We can’t think of anything else in the world that tastes so compellingly delicious. Its heavenly flavor simply brings out your best, adding the essence of fresh, perfectly sweetened almonds and a marvelously moist body to everything you make. From cookies to sweet breads, holiday pastries to wedding cakes, our luscious Almond Paste makes every bite an eye-opening experience. We offer the best varieties for home bakers from two of the finest brands in the business, to ensure consistent, sinfully delicious results every time.

Both American Almond brand Almond Paste and Mandelin Premium Almond Paste contain the ideal proportion of about two parts select California almonds to one part pure cane sugar. The creamy, full-flavored paste is wonderful to work with, even after long storage (and if it seems lumpy because it wasn’t covered properly, you can just pop it into a food processor with recipe sugar and pulse to restore consistency). Easy to color and shape, roll out, or work into any recipe. But of course, it’s the distinctive flavor that makes anything made with pure almond paste stand above everything else on the pastry table. And remember, our almond pastes are gluten free, so no health worries either. So go ahead and take a bow. You’ve earned it!

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