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Crunchy, Sublime, and Irresistibly Good: Brazil Nuts

Take your next dinner party or casual get-together from special to spectacular and set out a bowl of crunchy, delectable Brazil Nuts. With something this good, youíll want to stock up.
Roasted Brazil Nuts (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $8.20/Lb.
57 Reviews
Milk Chocolate Covered Brazils (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $7.25/Lb.
7 Reviews
Dark Chocolate Covered Brazils (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $7.75/Lb.
15 Reviews
Want a hearty, fast boost of flavor? A taste sensation that also satisfies the appetite? Then grab a handful of Brazil Nuts. Sprinkle Raw Brazil Nut pieces liberally in your favorite sweet or savory dishes, or watch them add a nutty touch of bliss to muffins, cookies, or scones. Elegant and delicious, slightly salty Brazilian Nuts make wonderful after-dinner tidbits to serve with coffee and dessert. The only way to make a delectable Brazil Nut even more sublime is to cover it in irresistible Dark Chocolate and velvety, Milk Chocolate. Spread the love with exquisitely, delectable Brazil Butter can turn any almost any dish into something special. Smooth it over toast or butter crackers, substitute it for shortening in a pie crust, or simply serve it warmed and drizzled over ice cream. Brazil Butter is a delightful and easy indulgence.

Delicious and nutritious, Brazil Nuts are an excellent, nutrient-dense source of fiber thatís exceptionally high in selenium, an essential component of several critical antioxidants. Not only does selenium help protect against thyroid problems and heart disease, but a study from the University of Illinois found that the selenium in Brazil Nuts could help prevent breast cancer. The results of another study showed that high levels of selenium might play a key role in the prevention of prostate cancer. With about 2,500 times more selenium than any other nut, Brazil Nuts are by far the best source of selenium.

Premium Brazil nuts are delectable and versatile, and bulk Brazil nuts from the Superior Nut Company ensure you have enough for all your snacking, cooking, baking and entertainment needs. Brazil nuts have a rich and intense flavor contrasted with a smooth and enticing crunchy texture. Buy raw Brazil nut pieces and mix into cakes, pastries and baked goods, or simply snack on whole raw Brazil nuts! We also have roasted bulk Brazil nuts that have been specially roasted in house for a deep and rich flavor. Need to satisfy a sweet tooth? Chocolate covered (milk chocolate and dark chocolate) are simply divine. We smother our fresh, high quality Brazil nuts in velvety, smooth chocolate that contrasts beautifully with the inherent crunch of the Brazil nuts.

Just like all of the wholesale nuts at Nuts in Bulk, when you buy bulk brazil nuts, you are purchasing a snack that tastes fresh and delicious and that is healthy for you. They are chocked full of nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins that improve the overall functioning of your body from the inside out. Buy bulk Brazil nuts to ensure you always have this yummy and healthy treat on hand.

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