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If you’ve never had warm, just-baked rye bread made with our fresh caraway seeds, then you need to place your order right now and schedule some oven time. Their sensuous flavor adds an earthy presence to many other dishes as well, and the health benefits are out of this world!
Caraway Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $3.44/Lb.
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Rye bread would taste rather plain without caraway seeds. Mediterranean-style dishes would seem lackluster, Havarti cheese would lose its mellow richness, and Bavarian-style sauerkraut would simply cease to exist. This unassuming little brown seed walks softly but carries a big culinary stick, and so it remains an essential spice in any serious cook’s kitchen. Its unique flavor complements many savory dishes, from soups and salads to meats and cheeses to traditional baked goods. And the best part about ordering your caraway seed supply from NutsinBulk is that the only thing you’ll find inside the package is our premium fresh, all-natural, 100% kosher caraway seeds.

Of course, the nutty-anise flavor and spicy aroma of fresh caraway seeds tell only part of the story. Inside its tasty shell are natural “volatile oils,” which are known to help with digestion and provide gentle treatment for a number of gastrointestinal disorders. A rich source of fiber and minerals, caraway seeds give you an excellent nutritional boost and fit well into an organic diet plan. The best part is that caraway seeds are modestly priced, and we’re proud to offer a significant discount on bulk caraway seed in the 10- or 25-pound case. Same great quality, but at a truly outstanding price, only from NutsinBulk!

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