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Enrich your diet and delight your taste buds with the incomparable flavor of ultra-fresh Cashew Butter direct from NutsinBulk. Unbelievably delicious, rich and hearty, itís the ultimate feel-good indulgence, any time of day!
Fresh Cashew Butter (16 oz. Jar)
33 Reviews
Honey Roasted Cashew Butter (1 Pound Tub)
12 Reviews
Itís not giving in to an urge when itís good for you. So go ahead, revel in the flavor of our Fresh Cashew Butter in all its wondrous glory. Really, itís hard to imagine that anything that tastes this good could deliver such a healthy balance of protein, fiber, essential minerals and B-vites. But itís true, and every version of our delectable Cashew Nut Butters, even the dessert-like Chocolate Cashew Butter and Honey Roasted Cashew Butter, is packed with the natural nutrients your body craves.

Our Fresh Cashew Butter is our most popular selection, as it brings the hearty, wholesome flavor of fresh-roasted cashews that everybody loves. But we also make Unsalted Cashew Butter, so even those on sodium-restricted diets can enjoy its full, rich goodness. Whole-foods enthusiasts will be pleased to find great wholesale prices on premium Raw Cashew Butter and certified Organic Cashew Butter as well. And versatility? On a sandwich, in sauces and entrees, and of course in Asian dishes and baked goods, our Cashew Nut Butter varieties add that ďsomething specialĒ that makes virtually anything taste so much better.

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