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Everybody Loves Our Bold, Richly Flavored Chocolate Espresso Beans!

Say hello to one of our most popular treats! Year after year, our delicious Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans rank high on our customers’ list of favorites. It’s not hard to see why. We source only the freshest estate-quality Arabica coffee beans (the world’s most flavorful) to make our popular espresso treats. Every bean is slow-roasted to crisp, crunchy perfection, which yields a dark, naturally robust flavor with a wonderful velvety finish. When combined with our decadent chocolate coatings—we make more than a dozen luscious varieties right here in our kitchens, using our own secret recipes—well, what once was a premium coffee bean becomes an intensely delicious sweet treat guaranteed to perk up your taste buds like nothing else in the candy realm!
Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $7.95/Lb.
41 Reviews
Milk Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $7.95/Lb.
13 Reviews
Did you know there could be so many different kinds of chocolate espresso beans? It’s the same principle as flavored coffees, only better! Never have two basic flavors complemented each other so well. The hearty goodness of a freshly roasted coffee bean, married to the sweet essence of premium chocolate, is incredibly satisfying on many levels. We offer both rich Dark Chocolate and velvet-smooth Milk Chocolate varieties, in addition to our unique Cocoa Dusted and Candied selections. Add in some exotic complementary flavors such as real Irish Cream, Amaretto or mellow Hazelnut, and you’ve got some amazing flavors that will simply explode in your mouth!

Our elegant Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are a proven favorite for wedding favors, executive gifting and high-profile candy dishes. But most of our customers simply enjoy them as outrageously delicious snacks—and some even use them as ingredients for baking or ice cream making. However you choose to enjoy our wonderful Chocolate Espresso Beans, one thing is certain: you’ll soon be back for more. Yes, they’re that good!

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