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Figs: Naturally Sweet and Adored for Centuries

Consider the fig Ė juicy, plump and simply scrumptious. Treat yourself to the hearty, earthy goodness of organic Turkish Figs, Calimyrna Figs, and Mission Figs. If youíre passionate about food and cooking then you owe it to yourself to try our Figs. Calimyrna Figs, Mission Figs, and Turkish Figs (Organic Turkish Figs are also available) are perfect for snacking, for dessert or as part of the main course, and they go equally well in savory and sweet dishes. Try jam made with Calimyrna Figs, Mission Fig strudel, and Turkish Figs stuffed with bleu cheese and wrapped in prosciutto is heavenly. Weíre just getting started: try chicken stuffed with Figs and Almonds, and roasted lamb lavished with Fig and basil sauce will make Sunday dinner something special. Figs easily lend themselves to an array of mouthwatering recipes.
Turkish Figs (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $5.20/Lb.
13 Reviews
Organic Turkish Figs (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $5.29/Lb.
7 Reviews
Calimyrna Figs (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $8.88/Lb.
4 Reviews
Mission Figs (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $4.95/Lb.
11 Reviews
A luscious and healthy food, our Turkish Figs, Calimyrna Figs, and Mission Figs are naturally sweet and loaded with fiber - more than any other common fruit or vegetable. High in potassium, calcium and iron, Figs have no fat, sodium or cholesterol and are full of important antioxidants. Figs are a delightful and healthy indulgence thatís perfect for the calorie-counter and the gourmand, alike. The most talked about fruit in the Bible and revered by the Romans, Figs were held as sacred in ancient Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Asia. While the Fig tree has long been a symbol of fertility and abundance in many cultures. However, you donít have to go far to enjoy this powerful and delicious fruit - we deliver, in bulk, right to your door.

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