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Little seeds, big benefits. Though small, flax seeds play a huge role in helping to maintain your health and well-being. Good for your heart, blood, immune system and digestive tract, flax seeds also shine when packed in pillows for heat therapy—helping to ease joint and muscle pain, and allowing you to rest more comfortably.
Flax Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
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Golden Flax Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $1.56/Lb.
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Organic Flax Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
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Organic Golden Flax Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $2.49/Lb.
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By now, everybody’s heard about the “wonder seed.” Much has been written about flax seed benefits—see our Health Tips, above, to get the scoop on why adding flax seeds to your diet makes such good sense. The simple fact is, no other food pampers your body with such a wealth of preventative and restorative effects. Even with all the beneficial lignans, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids they contain, flax seeds are surprisingly tasty. They add a mild buttery-nutty flavor to breads, pasta, hot cereals and energy snacks, provide a nice crunch in salads, and give meat substitutes extra body. Whether you choose our bulk flax seeds or Organic Flax Seeds, or prefer our Golden Flax Seeds selections, getting your recommended 1 to 2 tablespoons per day will be a snap!

But it’s the natural oil content inside each plump seed that’s making news today. Flax seeds contain about 40% oil by volume—far more than other seeds or grains. Because of this, the smooth shells and the extra-small size, flax seed has become the ultimate packing for reusable heat therapy pillows. The oil inside warms quickly (a minute in the microwave) and cools slowly; an hour later, the seeds retain 50% of the heat load, ensuring a long-lasting, odor-neutral moist-heat therapy experience. Flax seed pillows can also be placed in the freezer for relief of sunburn or hot flashes. So as you can see, whether eaten daily or used externally for pain and stress relief, there’s really no limit to the flax seeds benefits you’ll enjoy!

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