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Life Is Sweet, But Ginger Adds the Spice!

Sweet and spicy. When it comes to most folks’ taste buds, it’s proven to be a winning combination. After all, the only thing better than a chewy, delightfully delicious candied snack is the one that bites back just a little! Our Crystallized Ginger does just that, complementing the wonderful flavor of sugar-sweetened fresh ginger with its own natural zest—so that every piece is spicy without being hot, sharp without being bitter, and snappy without being too strong. Forget the dried-out ginger root or packaged ginger bites you buy at the store; you’ll find there’s no comparison. Our bulk ginger comes to you fresh and golden, nurtured by tropical sunshine in the best growing conditions on earth. Whether you prefer the pungent finish of our classic Thai ginger or the smooth, aromatic flavor of our Australian crystallized ginger, you’ll find almost every bite moist, chewy and chock-full of amazing flavor.

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