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Whether you call it a Filbert or a Hazelnut, there’s no mistaking its rich, nutty-sweet taste. Imagine that wonderful flavor intensified into a soft spreadable delicacy to enhance your breakfast, supercharge a snack or electrify tomorrow night’s dessert. That’s what our Hazelnut Butter is all about!
Fresh Hazelnut Butter (16 oz. Jar)
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Rare is the nut lover whose eyes and smile don’t widen immediately at their first encounter with our scrumptious Hazelnut Butter. This is truly a wondrous treat, built around the distinct sweet flavor of premium hazelnuts—not the dried-out filberts mixed with other unshelled nuts in the bulk bins at holiday time, but the majestically plump, fresh-from-Oregon hazelnuts that we hand-select for our NutsinBulk customers. We roast them to the peak of flavor in our roasters, then add a touch of fresh peanut oil to create the world’s most delicious Fresh Hazelnut Butter, just for you. Take your pick of Salted Hazelnut Butter or unsalted Hazelnut Butter, to match your lifestyle and flavor needs; either way, you’ll find our Filbert Butter to be one of the great culinary treats ever to grace your kitchen.

Naturally, you can use our Hazelnut Butter in place of peanut butter to impart a delightfully different flavor to sandwiches, fruit snacks, appetizers and baked goods. You’ll also find plenty of ways to create new, truly decadent treats built around our sinfully sweet Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, already richly enhanced with your choice of premium dark or white chocolate. But rest assured, even then you’ll reap the benefits of the hazelnut’s extra-high antioxidant load and healthy levels of key nutrients that can help combat cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. So feel free to enjoy the rare and wondrous flavor of our premium Hazelnut Butter…to your heart’s content!

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