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Hazelnut Praline Makes the Most Decadent Desserts Ever!

Hazelnut Praline is one of those exotic baking ingredients not found in most home kitchens. There are plenty of accomplished bakers who have never attempted a recipe that calls for this amazing all-natural sweet paste. Most folks consider hazelnut praline a special-occasion item for holiday baking or creating an over-the-top dessert for an event. At any rate, it's not readily available in grocery stores, and even when you can find it, the cost can be rather high. Nuts In Bulk to the rescue! We carry only the top brand, genuine Love’n Bake Hazelnut Praline from American Almond, the USA's leading maker of fine nut-based ingredients for over 75 years. Select from two sizes, the 11-oz. can (ideal for small baking projects) or the 7-lb. bulk tin (for your major undertakings and “on-hand” storage). Either way, you’ll find it hard to beat our price!
Love’n Bake’s delicious hazelnut praline paste is made from ground oven-roasted hazelnuts (also known as filberts) and fine confectioners sugar. Because of the lightness of the sugar, you’ll find its texture to be a bit softer than almond paste. It has a rich, nutty-sweet flavor that is quite distinctive and seriously decadent! As a general rule, you can use it as a peanut butter substitute for enhanced flavor in baked goods (add a touch of oil and run it through a food processor if you need a creamier consistency), but you'll need to adjust the sugar in your recipes to compensate for hazelnut praline’s extra sweetness.

What can you make with this delectable paste? Only the most spectacular desserts known to man! The internet makes it easy to find recipes that call for this scrumptious ingredient in everything from cakes and tortes, to the most sinful pastries and fillings, cheesecakes, cookies and candies you can imagine. Why not try our premium hazelnut praline soon?

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