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Nut Pastes - For a True Celebration of Food and Inspired Baking

Magnificent in their simplicity and unequivocally delicious, these Nut Pastes will take your pastries good to glorious. Almond, Hazelnut Praline and Pistachio Nut Pastes will bring unforgettable flavor to your cooking repertoire.
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Mouthwatering Nut Pastes are ready and waiting to revolutionize your recipes. Trust our Almond Paste to bring a new density and richness to your prized, buttery pound cake. The versatility and intense flavor of our Almond Marzipan Paste will bring out the artisan in home cooks and professional chefs. Watch as Hazelnut Praline Paste turns ordinary pumpkin pie into something your dinner guests will rave about. Our splendid Pistachio Paste is ready to make your homemade gelato a thing of beauty. Unparalleled in quality and attention to freshness, we used only premium nuts for our delectable Nut Pastes.

These Nut Pastes will blend seamlessly into recipes, adding moisture and increased texture. Nothing compares to the full bodied taste of Almond Marzipan Paste and Almond Filling. Add the Almond Marzipan Paste to your next batch of chocolate brownies for an unexpected boost, or spread the Almond Filling over the bottom on your next apple pie crust, and savor sweet perfection. They’re also an ideal addition to puddings and sweet sauces. We're certain these Nut Pastes will leave your guest, family, and customers wanting more. It's amazing we were able to get such luxury into a can. Be sure to order enough for your holiday baking needs.

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