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The complex, earthy flavors of fresh pecans combine to create a fantastic spread that adds a special zest to just about anything it touches. For topping crackers or rice cakes, baking sweet treats or simply making a sandwich, nothing can match our delicious Pecan Butter for all-out taste and goodness.
Fresh Pecan Butter (16 oz. Jar)
17 Reviews
Oh, the joy of pecan butter—especially Fresh Pecan Butter from NutsinBulk! We use only the freshest premium pecans to create a smooth, spreadable treat no nut lover can resist. Rich in taste and packed with nutrition, our pecans have a naturally soft texture that reduces to a wonderful creamy consistency without losing its exceptional flavor profile. Try our Unsalted Pecan Butter to enjoy that fresh-roasted pecan goodness in all its natural glory, or opt for our popular Salted Pecan Butter to indulge your savory cravings. You’ll find it an intense, deeply satisfying taste experience that will linger on your palate long afterward.

For whole foods enthusiasts, our Raw Pecan Butter comes to you with a clean bill of health, containing no added oils or additives. You get all the benefits of fresh pecans—the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and natural fiber that make pecans such a healthful addition to your daily diet. Even those who favor the decadent, dessert-like quality of our luscious Chocolate Pecan Butter and Honey Roasted Pecan Butter can benefit from the nutrient load. Meanwhile, there’s no mistaking the addictive flavor and versatility of our Fresh Pecan Butter; it’s simply the perfect snack for anyone, anytime, anywhere!

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