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Perfect, Peerless, Raw Pine Nuts – Get Inspired

Forget everything you thought you knew about Raw Pine Nuts. Crunchy, and slightly sweet, these delightful morsels add a delectable touch to any dish.
Raw Pine Nuts (8 oz. Bag)
As low as $18.14/Lb.
7 Reviews
Raw Organic Pine Nuts (8ozBag)
As low as $22.44/Lb.
3 Reviews
Raw Mediterranean Pine Nuts (8 oz. Bag)
As low as $48.06/Lb.
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Savory or sweet, pump up the flavor in almost any dish with a generous sprinkling of these scrumptious Raw Pine Nuts. Roast them, cover them in creamy chocolate, sprinkle over pasta, or swirl through caramel – these nuts are crunchy, versatile, and incredibly tasty. What more could you want? It’s a good thing you can buy in bulk. Lucky for you providing these sinfully good Raw Pine Nuts by the pound is one of the things we do best.

Raw Pine Nuts can make a deliciously rich addition to any recipe. Roast them in the oven before getting to work making the most mouthwatering pesto your family or clients will ever taste. Toss a generous handful in salads, or use as a delightful garnish over lasagna or a bubbly baked ziti. Great in curries, yummy in stuffed peppers, these Raw Pine Nuts can also add a wonderfully nutty flavor to bread and rolls. A Pine Nut is the seed of a pine tree and contains more protein than any other seed. An excellent source of iron and fiber, Pine Nuts are not only delectable, they have the highest concentration of heart-smart, oleic acid – a monounsaturated fat that helps the liver eliminate harmful substances. Pine Nuts are also a great source of magnesium, a nutrient in demand by our bodies for good cardiovascular health, the maintenance of normal heart rhythms, and improved muscle function. Combine all of those benefits with deliciously, indulgent taste, and Pine Nuts may just be the consummate snack.

Raw Pine Nuts are used in everything from bread to pesto to coffee. Our Raw Pine Nuts for sale have a light and delicate distinctive flavor that will satisfy any nut lover. Dating back to Greek and Roman times, pine nuts have been a dietary staple in many cultures. They are currently popular in many cuisines and confections all over the world. Pesto, Italian pignolis, Middle Eastern kibbeh and baklava are just the starting point for the many uses of pine nuts. Keep it simple and eat them roasted – just throw them in a dry skillet until they are lightly browned. The health benefits of pine nuts are numerous. They have been found to be an appetite suppressant, a cholesterol eliminator and high blood pressure combatant. You’ll also get your daily dose of amino acids, zinc and vitamin E when you ingest these tiny treats. With our Raw Pine Nuts, your hunger will never go unsatisfied!

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