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Welcome to Pistachio Paste Perfection

Celebrate your good taste by adding delicious Pistachio Paste to your favorite dessert recipe. Watch it give a fast flavor boost to cakes, cookies, breads and even pie.
American Almond Pistachio Nut Paste (11 oz Can)
4 Reviews
American Almond Pistachio Nut Paste (7 Pound Can)
1 Review
Want to add multiple layers of taste and texture to everything from butter cream frosting to gelato? Add some delectable and creamy Pistachio Paste to the mix and those desserts are sure to get a whole new legion of fans. Luscious Pistachio Paste is made from the only the best Pistachios, and can add decadence and richness to any recipe. A delicate nut with a hearty flavor, when made into Pistachio Paste its rich taste is intensified. Mix in a few tablespoons of Pistachio Paste and watch it turn your homemade biscotti into something blissful; or use our scrumptious Pistachio Paste as the foundation for a decadent Pistachio pudding.

Buy Pistachio Paste to please the home chef in your house, or use it to jumpstart your own the pastry dreams. It is unmatched in quality, and amazingly versatile. Pistachio Paste gives depth of flavor to chocolate cream pie; it will make any cake more moist and rich, and your Pistachio cookies will go from so-so to sublime. This divine Pistachio Paste will become the secret ingredient that keeps family and friends asking for more. Surprise clients and loved ones with homemade Pistachio ice cream enriched with Pistachio Paste for an easy and flavor-packed dessert. There are over a hundred uses for mouthwatering Pistachio Paste; it will breathe delicious new life into your most cherished, time-tested recipes.

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