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It’s really not fair to other foods that pumpkin seeds taste so darned good. Because who’d ever guess that healthy perfection could come in such a humble form? Never mind the fantastic flavor; the health benefits of pumpkin seeds may just be the best kept secret in the culinary universe.
Raw Pepitas / No Shell Pumpkin Seeds (16 oz Bag)
As low as $4.08/Lb.
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Raw Organic Pepita / No Shell Pumpkin Seeds (16oz Bag)
As low as $4.30/Lb.
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Salted Pepitas (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $4.65/Lb.
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Unsalted Pepita - No Shell Pumpkin Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $4.65/Lb.
4 Reviews
Dietitians agree: pumpkin seeds are a super-food, one of the best natural foods you can eat. Just half a cup of raw or roasted pumpkin seeds provides 92% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of magnesium, an important mineral that’s lacking in most Americans’ diets. And 1/4 cup contains more than 20% of your daily iron requirement, plus significant amounts of several other minerals, including zinc. Talk about an energy boost!

Why stop now? Pumpkin seeds are absolutely loaded with protein, Vitamin A and dietary fiber. Believe it or not, snacking on pumpkin seeds is like taking a daily vitamin pill, because most of the B vitamins, plus C, D, E and K are well-represented. And they can also help reduce cholesterol and even prevent some forms of cancer. Good things to keep in mind as you explore the many fun ways to enjoy one of Nature’s “perfect” foods.

If you like snacking, and who doesn’t, you’ll love buying your pumpkin seeds from NutsinBulk. You can get them any way you like, at great wholesale prices. If you prefer just the luscious meaty kernels from inside the seed (or pepitas, as they’re called), we offer both Raw Pepitas and Raw Organic Pepitas, or for a real taste treat, Roasted Unsalted and Salted Pepitas that are expertly prepared for you in our on-site roasters. But don’t forget, the shells are also edible, packed with fiber and incredibly crunchy. Our in-shell pumpkin seeds are delicious, versatile and very cost-effective, so be sure to try our Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, available as both Salted Pumpkin Seeds and Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds. Eat them just as they are, or add your own creative seasonings to complement their distinctive nutty flavor. Various combinations of sugar, cayenne, curry powder, sea salt, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, garlic powder, or almost anything else form your spice cabinet will yield some unique and very tasty treats. Go sweet, spicy or both, and enjoy.

Plus, salad “nuts” will go nuts for our pumpkin seeds for another reason. Try replacing the croutons in your garden salad or leafy greens with our ultra-healthy, super crunchy and flavorful Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, and we guarantee you’ll never go back! Pumpkin seeds make a great addition to soups, salads and vegetable dishes, and of course are a great way to jazz up that batch of homemade trail mix. So give our Pumpkin Seeds or Pepitas a try. We guarantee you’ll be “perfectly” happy!

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