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Tiny Nibbles Lead to Big Smiles With These Scrumptious Seeds

Don't let their size fool you. These seeds may be small, but they come in big, bold, satisfying flavors, and are truly delectable. Perfect for noshing out-of-hand, or tossingin your favorite recipes.
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We understand your cravings. Sometimes you have a nagging need to eat crunchy, savory Sunflower Seeds covered in Chocolate with a sweet candy coating. We're here for you. Offered salted or unsalted, raw, in shell or out, and the ones coated in candy come in a delightful rainbow of colors from bright yellow to seriously purple - these are the Sunflower Seeds you've been waiting for. Luckily, we thought ahead and offer all of our selection in bulk. In fact, all of the Seeds offered on this page can be ordered in large quantities, starting with 1 pound bags, going all the way up to 25 pound boxes...hence the name Nuts in Bulk.

Try our scrumptious Pumpkin Seeds or Pepitas! We offer salted or unsalted, raw and in shell varieties. Pepitas are a great way to add a delicious new dimension to your favorite soups, salads and pastries. High in vitamins and minerals, Pumpkin Seeds can be a simple heart-smart addition to any diet. Want to kick your health up a notch? Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds are nutritional powerhouses that are high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. We also offer Golden Flax Seeds and White Chia Seeds. Sprinkle these versatile seeds on a variety of foods to boost the nutrient value without significantly altering the taste. We're confident you'll want to stock up.

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