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So delicious! The secret behind many fantastic favorites in Oriental and Middle Eastern cuisine, sesame seeds add flavor to a wide range of popular foods. Better yet, their unique nutritional profile gives you a natural means of protecting against many of today’s most pervasive health concerns.
Hulled Sesame Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
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Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
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One of the world’s oldest known flavor enhancers, in use for nearly 4000 years, the sesame seed offers a unique double slate of benefits for anyone who values both good health and good eating. Its delicate nutty flavor lends a mellow glow to almost anything it touches. For baking and cooking, the uses for standard Hulled Sesame Seeds or the more-exotic Black Sesame Seeds are endless. Add to yeasty bread dough to make delightful rolls, buns, sticks and loaves; sprinkle into fruit and vegetable medleys before or after cooking to help bind the flavors and provide a subtle crunch.

Because Organic Sesame Seeds have a naturally high oil content, their wonderful flavor actually intensifies when heated. Toasted sesame seeds are a prime ingredient in tahini paste, gomasio, oriental sauces and dressings, and many other traditional favorites. With such exceptional flavor and versatility, it’s easy to forget that sesame seeds are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Not only are they loaded with beneficial vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, they contain two distinct lignans not found in any other food: sesalin and sesamolin, powerful agents that specifically combat high cholesterol, high blood pressure and damaging liver oxidation. For these reasons, we “heartily” recommend adding our all-natural sesame seeds to your daily diet!

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