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One of the world’s favorite natural foods, sunflower seeds have been used to dress up ho-hum dishes and create tasty energy snacks for centuries. Naturally crunchy and filled with beneficial ingredients, our sunflower seeds are fun to eat all by themselves. Smothered in chocolate with a bright candy coating, they make a fantastic party treat as well!
Salted, No Shell Sunflower Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $2.32/Lb.
15 Reviews
Unsalted No Shell Sunflower Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $2.32/Lb.
5 Reviews
No Shell Raw Sunflower Seeds (16 oz Bag)
As low as $1.68/Lb.
7 Reviews
No Shell Organic Sunflower Seeds (16oz Bag)
As low as $2.55/Lb.
4 Reviews

Sunflower seeds are the longtime favorite of noshers everywhere! Bulk sunflower seeds ensure that you have plenty of these fresh, crunchy and healthy little treats available for the snacking, and when you buy sunflower seeds from the Superior Nut Company, you know you are getting a superior product. Made with the finest sunflower seeds carefully roasted and prepared on site using our decades old family recipes, wholesale sunflower seeds are a staple in every kitchen.

As you can see, in addition to our incredible bulk nuts and bulk dried fruit selection, we have an equally great selection of seeds. Browse a staggering array of enticing bulk sunflower seeds including salted and unsalted varieties with and without the shells and a plethora of chocolate covered sunflower seeds in every color of the spectrum. In addition to snacking, wholesale sunflower seeds are a great addition to rice dishes, salads, baked goods and anything else your imagination suggest. Creamy and velvety chocolate covered sunflower seeds are perfect for entertaining – the many varying shades make it easy to coordinate with your home décor or event theme colors, or you can package them in adorable little favor bags and give them to guests to enjoy later!

There’s a reason so many big-league baseball players keep a bag of sunflower seeds in the hip pocket of their uniform during every game. Sunflower seeds not only taste great, they quickly deliver essential nutrients like Vitamin E, calcium, B-complex vitamins, natural minerals and unsaturated fats—instant “clean” fuel for the performance-minded. From trail mixes to cookies and energy bars, sunflower seeds are almost always included in the mix. Indeed, because sunflower seeds are good for you and can fit seamlessly into any lifestyle, we offer everything from classic Salted-In-Shell Sunflower Seeds and Unsalted In-Shell Sunflower Seeds, to pre-hulled varieties such as our Organic Sunflower Seeds, to everyone’s party favorite: our delectable Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds. Check our selection to find colors to match any occasion, including or top-selling Yellow Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds!

There are so many ways to enjoy this delicious, oh-so-versatile little kernel. Eat them by the handful when you need an energy boost, or sprinkle into leafy salads for enhanced texture and nutrition. A tablespoon or two stirred into your morning oatmeal, grits or cereal guarantees that your day will start out on a high note. In fruit smoothies, breads and cookies, oven casseroles and stir-fries, our premium sunflower seeds bring the flavor (and nutrient load) to a whole new level. Be forewarned, though—you’ll find them positively addictive. You’ll go through them quickly; will a pound be enough? Fortunately, we offer bulk sunflower seeds at wholesale prices. Stock up today!

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