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Your wedding day is intended to be the sweetest day of your life. NutsinBulk is proud to add to your joy with a wide array of beautiful wedding candies that will delight your guests and set the tone for a long-remembered celebration.
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Candy has long been known for its power to brighten faces and bring happy smiles. Since Roman times, itís been common for the host family to give out sugary treats to their guests at weddings. Here at NutsinBulk, weíre proud to be a part of that sweet tradition. Just look at our selection of modern-day favorite wedding candies! From authentic Jordan Almonds in almost any hue you can imagine, to everybodyís favorite bean, the Jelly Belly, NutsinBulk gives you literally hundreds of flavors and colors to choose from. And our convenient bulk quantities and wholesale prices make planning super-easy. Thatís why we say, wonderful weddings start here!

Ready to start building your own sensational wedding candy buffet? There are three things to keep in mind. First, youíll want to strongly coordinate with your wedding party colors on your candy table, to carry your theme through and make it memorable. Second, be sure to provide a variety of candy types in order to please all guests. Offering as many as ten different candies isnít out of the question, especially if youíre planning to provide Wedding Candy Favor Bags for your guests to fill and take with them as thoughtful mementos. Of course, Jordan Almonds and Jelly Bellies are the traditional favorites; Colored Sixlets offer a unique crunch that complements these selections nicely. Third, make your candy display a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds. You can accomplish so much with just a few glass vases, snifters, crystal bowls and festive ribbon work. And donít forget to add a few Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks for a stunningly elegant touch thatís sure to make your special day even sweeter than you ever dreamed it could be. Best wishes from your friends at NutsinBulk!

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