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The Perfect Custom Gifts Are Just a Few Clicks Away!

On every gift list, it seems, there’s always that one person who has everything. And every year, they insist that there’s nothing they need, so please don’t bother. But naturally, that just makes you all the more determined to knock their socks off with a truly amazing gift that they’ll never forget. And it all sounds like wonderful fun, of course, until the day you take a peek at the calendar and realize that it’s time to get serious. So you look high and low, near and far, frantically searching for that one gift you know will make them happy.
Custom Gift Basket
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Great news: if you’ve made it this far, your search is probably over! In fact, we’re pretty sure that one perfect gift you’ve been looking for is just a few clicks away, here at Nuts In Bulk. You see, we have literally thousands of custom gift baskets that are virtually guaranteed to delight even that hardest-to-please person on your list. They’re simply not shown because you haven’t created them yet.

Here’s how it works. We give you an empty 5-section basket (in a photo) and a drop-down menu containing more than 200 of our most delicious gourmet fruits, nuts and candies. You simply pick the selections you wish and drop them right into that empty basket. Like magic, your choices appear in the basket sections, in the order you choose—you are literally building your own custom gifts and watching them take shape, item by item, right before your eyes! Which selections will please your recipient most? You could start with our luscious Dried Apricots or Medjool Dates, add some Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews and Raw Unsalted California Almonds…but you get the idea. As custom gifts go, there’s nothing cooler. Plus, we can package for giving and send direct to their doorstep with a personalized greeting card. Now doesn’t that sound…perfect?

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