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Our Organic Seeds are grown, harvested and processed in accordance with stringent standards, so you can enjoy the finest quality raw foods produced the way that Nature intended.
Organic Flax Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $2.49/Lb.
3 Reviews
Organic Golden Flax Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $2.49/Lb.
1 Review
Organic Chia Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $11.75/Lb.
2 Reviews
Organic Quinoa (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $6.51/Lb.
4 Reviews
Organic Amaranth (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $2.16/Lb.
3 Reviews
Raw Organic Pepita / No Shell Pumpkin Seeds (16oz Bag)
As low as $4.30/Lb.
19 Reviews
No Shell Organic Sunflower Seeds (16oz Bag)
As low as $2.55/Lb.
4 Reviews
Organic Hulled Sesame Seeds (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $2.45/Lb.
4 Reviews
Organic Red Quinoa (1 Pound Bag)
As low as $6.51/Lb.
5 Reviews
No hormones. No pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Our Organic Seeds are the product of environmentally responsible agriculture that uses non-chemical methods of controlling insects, weeds and plant diseases. As a result, our organic seed comes to you whole and pure, unaltered by intensive production methods and containing its full nutritional profile—so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body.

Prepare for full-flavored goodness that delivers the maximum health benefits you’re looking for! We offer not only organic vegetable seeds such as our popular Organic Pepitas (pumpkin seeds), but also organic row crops that bring a wealth of impressive nutrition to your table. Whether you seek the dramatic health benefits of our Organic Flax Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds and Organic Quinoa Seeds, or the delightful flavors of our Organic Sesame Seeds and Organic Sunflower Seeds, you’ll find that the price is always right when you can buy your favorites from NutsinBulk. With the high fiber content, anti-oxidant load, natural plant-based vitamins, minerals and proteins present in all our organic seed choices, you’ll have every reason to celebrate your own good health. Enjoy!

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