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Good Snacking Starts Here With Delectable Dried Fruit

Behold this magnificent selection of dried fruit makes it even easier to get your 5 daily servings of fruit. Dive into dried Apples, Pears, Nectarines, and Apricots are only a few of the healthy dried fruit available. Simply divine.
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Enjoy the rich and intense flavor whenever you like with bulk dried fruits from NutsinBulk. The Superior Nut Company is more than just nuts; we specialize in fresh, healthy and high quality snacks for all cravings. Wholesale dried fruit will provide relief from your cravings for something sweet, tangy and mouth watering. With dozens of varieties to choose from, with and without sugar, smothered in velvety chocolate or enrobed in yogurt, you can buy dried fruit for every craving and every occasion.

Wholesale dried fruit is a wonderful snack alternative to fresh fruit because it lasts much longer. Although the water has been removed, the nutrients remain in tact and the taste is bold and intensified. When you snack on bulk dried fruit, you truly taste the essence of it, and it is absolutely tantalizing.

Dried fruit is perfect for more than just snacking! You can chop up and toss into salads, pilaf, sauces and dips or use to add new layers of flavor to baked goods. Spice up your soup or stir fry, adding flavor and visual appeal. You are only limited by your imagination! Buy dried fruit in bulk to have it on hand for all of your culinary needs.

Nothing can compare to this selection of delicious dried fruit. We have tart fruit; sweet slices and even savory slices - something to satisfy the most persnickety taste buds. Add the dried Apple rings to a piping hot cup of cider, or chop up the Peach slices and add them to a favorite pastry recipe, or simply nibble on scrumptious slices of dried Kiwi and dried Mangos. The drying process intensifies the taste and heightens the sweetness. Versatile and toothsome, add some dried Raspberries or Strawberries to your morning cereal, or toss in some diced dried pears into your homemade trail mix.

Dried fruit is very portable and will last for weeks in your pantry. This way you can always have tropical fruit on hand with dried Pineapple and Papaya for emergency margarita night, or to add zest to a post-workout smoothie. Mouthwatering taste, and heart-healthy fiber make dried fruit the smart choice for packing in a child's lunchbox, tucking in a backpack for an easy and potent energy source while hiking or camping, or simply for late-night snacking. Try the dried Orange Peels - plain or enveloped in rich Dark Chocolate, or grab a handful of delicious Raisins, either plain, or covered in creamy Yogurt, Dark or Milk Chocolate. Yum!

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