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The macadamia is one of the greatest of the many natural gifts we nut lovers enjoy. Such a smooth, mellow flavor…and when our experts make a batch of Macadamia Butter, the air is filled with the most wonderful aroma. Indulge yourself, and enjoy a rare treat for the senses.
Fresh Macadamia Butter (16 oz. Jar)
34 Reviews
Macadamia Butter is perhaps the smoothest and creamiest of all the wonderful nut butters we make. Macadamias have a naturally high oil content, which produces a perfect, easy-dipping spread that’s unmatched for quick snacks and appetizers. But what really sets our Fresh Macadamia Butter apart is its flavor. In a word, it’s incredible! Rich yet not overly sweet, mellow yet far from bland, hearty but not heavy—even our Unsalted macadamia Butter brings an ideal combination of smooth, buttery deliciousness that will have everyone who tastes it clamoring for more. And it’s loaded with thiamine, flavonoids, and Omega-3 compounds, so there’s never a need to feel guilty about indulging.

This is “comfort food” with an elegant twist. Try spreading our Fresh Macadamia Butter on homemade bread and topping with your favorite fruit preserves. Or dredge a whole wheat cracker in our Raw Macadamia Butter to create a simple, healthy snack that delivers that midday boost you need. Finish off a sensational dinner with a scoop of ice cream and a dollop of our to-die-for Chocolate Macadamia Butter, made with your choice of dark or white chocolate. And just imagine what our Fresh Macadamia Butter can do for your baking. When you consider its luscious velvety texture, proven health benefits, and incomparably mellow flavor, Macadamia Nut Butter from NutsinBulk is impossible to resist. Order today!

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