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Irresistible and Indulgent – Pistachio Butter

Not all butters are created equal; creamy and tasty, this Pistachio Butter takes toast in a totally new direction. It does butter one better.
Fresh Pistachio Butter (16 oz. Jar)
32 Reviews
Hearty and flavorful, Pistachio Butter transforms an ordinary breakfast into something special. Jazz up your morning bagel with this delightful spread, or impress your guests by offering Fresh Pistachio White Chocolate Pistachio Butter with their toast. It will be the yummiest wake-up call around. Premium pistachios are ground into a velvety, delicious Fresh Pistachio Butter, mixed with dark chocolate for a lush and aromatic Fresh Chocolate Pistachio Butter, or crafted into the luscious, golden brown creaminess that is Fresh White Chocolate Pistachio Butter.

Chocolate and Pistachio? One taste and you’ll agree this is a match made in nut butter heaven. A delicacy with a “royal” lineage: for centuries Pistachios were reserved only for the enjoyment of royalty, and the richest citizens in the kingdom. The Queen of Sheba and her royal court were the only ones allowed to indulge in this most favored nut. Even today households all over the Mediterranean and Middle East keep Pistachios on hand, and serve them to honored guests alongside a warm cup of tea. Buy Pistachio Butter for your family, friends, clients and other honored guests. However you serve it, it’s still a warm way to say “Welcome.”

Mix up the regular old peanut putter with some gourmet pistachio butter from Nuts In Bulk. When you buy pistachio butter from us, you’re purchasing an all natural condiment made with the highest quality, all natural ingredients like incredibly fresh pistachios, peanut and / or cottonseed oil and salt. Our fresh pistachios, roasted on site, lend this butter an unparalleled flavor that tastes divine in a pistachio butter and jam sandwich (or alone on toast!), in sauces, baked into pastries, folded into ice cream and much more.

Pistachios are an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, so including them in your daily diet can contribute to overall better health. In addition, pistachios are the only nut known to contain significant levels of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids have been rumored to reduce macular degeneration, a disease known to cause blindness. A handful of pistachios or a tablespoon of pistachio butter incorporated into your daily diet routine will ensure you reap the benefits of this delectable and nutritious nut. When you buy pistachio butter from Nuts In Bulk, you know you’re staying as close to nature as possible.

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